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"Come and stand beside us, we can find a better way..."

~'Rhymes and Reasons' by John Denver

The Process...

Step 1 • Discovery

Step 2 • Direction

Step 3 • Create Design

Step 4 • Maintenance

After our initial consultation, and we agree to move forward, then we progress on to the next inspiring phase of working together.

Through an interactive session, you will help me learn about who your clients are and how you serve them and want to improve upon. We will also talk about what makes you stand out from your competition. This helps pin down the direction to navigate.

Next, we'll take what we discussed from the session to create a brand map. This map will include your thoughts, what is valuable to you and the direction on the overall look and tone to follow. This will be the navigation tool we use for your brand in the next step..

Finally, finding the anchor to your brand realized. I will design the deliverables that were determined from the map we created to help build your brand and create exciting new stories with your clients to tell of the journey for generations to come.

But thats not the end of the story. I recommend review every once in a while to ensure they things are headed in the right direction. This allows us to correct our course navigation where needed.

Services Offered


Four Winds Graphics and Peggy Hellem

Peggy Hellem

Peggy Hellem is an award-winning freelance illustrator and designer based in Ohio, dba Four Winds Graphics. A 1985 Graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Peggy has over 30 years of experience in the art and design industry. Starting out by working at small print shops and then on to large commercial printers enabled her to learn about the printing process and what it takes to actually get a piece produced. Then, the Apple Computer came along, She was given the opportunity to work on the Macintosh Computer doing digital design and layout, and that changed everything.

Peggy started Four Winds Graphics in 1996 as a side job. Then taking the leap of faith in 1998 and leaving her "dream job" as a designer at an ad agency she had respected and admired since high school, she entered the world of freelance art and design.

Creative thinker, life-long student of art and design, (or is that the art of design?), and admitted John Denver disciple, Peggy loves all things natural and organic. Striving to live a better life and help create a better place to live on planet Earth, she is very conscious and appreciative of anyone and anything that follows this same way of living and thinking. Nobody is perfect, but knowing that we can always do better is a motivation that everyone can have and hold onto. A cup of organic herbal tea or hot chocolate and a long talk about life, and what you believe to be good, right, and true, is always welcome.

Her illustration specialities include nature-based illustrations such as birds, plants and animals. She also does very detailed architectural illustrations. Her work is perfect for greeting cards, advertising, packaging, editorial, and travel promotions.

She prefers doing hand drawn illustrations using pencil, colored pencil and ink with some watercolor added. She is also doing more digital illustration when needed.

A little known fact about Peggy is that she was born blind in one eye, a birth defect that is considered to be 1 in a million, as the condition causing it usually occurs in both eyes. She has dedicated her life to creating art and design to help others see and understand the beauty all around us.


The Studio of Four Winds Graphics.

Rates and Terms

Different projects have different budgets and unique needs. I provide professional branding, creative design and illustration services not only directly to individuals, private and up-starting businesses, but also to well established companies and corporations.

Call or contact me using the form on this website, with the description of what you are looking for including your proposed budget. If you don't have a budget in mind, I will provide a custom quote on your project(s) after receiving the necessary specifications.


Usual payment terms are half down to start the project, remaining half due before delivery of final files. Extended time frame projects could also require a mid-project payment. I offer a monthly payment plan option for projects over $2500.00. Contact me for details. I am also available for retainer for any custom amounts of time.

I accept cash and checks. I also accept credit cards and debit cards via Paypal. (link below) Fees may apply.

Projects that go inactive with no communication from the client for unreasonable amounts of time may be closed with no refunds, and a re-open fee may be applied to continue the project.

Native project files are not included in overall project price unless asked to be included. Delivery time for final files will depend on the individual project complexity, my current project load, and of course your deadline. Please note that urgent and rushed deadlines will increase the cost of the project.

Before project starts, client will be asked to sign a Project Plan/Agreement that includes the detailed aspects of the project, including, but not limited to the project timeline, payment terms and rounds of changes included.

Contact me today and we can get started!


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Mission Statement

To create effective graphic design & inspiring illustration to help my clients succeed in reaching their aspirations and goals, while investing in the betterment of ourselves, our communities, and the Earth.

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